We understand there are many companies in the security and training industry, yet we are certain you will find the quality and background of our trainers to be consistently higher than others.

We hire top notch Special Forces officers with exceptional training experience and proven combat records. Many of our cadre, like myself, will have spent several years as operators in the US Army’s Delta Force. In turn our commitment to excellence is consistent with the standards we learned during our service there.

In addition we provide a full range of Military and Law Enforcement training programs. A sample of our Military Courses are listed below and a sample of our Law Enforcement Courses can be found by using the links on the right.

Military Courses

Basic Land Navigation

Advanced Land Navigation

Mounted Land Navigation

Basic Radio Communications and Techniques

Law of Land Warfare and Rules of Engagement

Civilians and Non-Combatants on the Battlefield

Handling Prisoners of War and Detainees

Weather Observation and Planning

Information/Intelligence Planning and Processing

Operations Orders and Military Planning

• Tactical level
• Operational level

Logistics Planning

Small Boat Coastal Patrolling

Water Infiltration Course

Tactical Small Arms Fire Planning

Interview and Interrogation

Basic Crisis Negotiation

Tactical Building Search

Counseling and Discipline

CPR/First Aid Course

Clandestine Drug Lab Enforcement

Emergency Response – Terrorism

Edged Weapons Workshop

Basic Demolition Training

Advanced Demolition Training

Basic Firearms Training

• Basic Pistol
• Basic Rifle

Advanced Firearms Training

• Advanced Pistol
• Advanced Rifle

Close Quarter Battle (Room and Building)

Target Interdiction Course (Sniper)

Advanced Entry Techniques

• Mechanical Entry
• Explosive Entry

Surveillance Systems

• Basic Surveillance Systems

Advanced Surveillance Systems

Suicide Intervention

Defensive Tactics Instructor

Weapons Familiarization (Street Weapons)

Weapon Retention Instructor

Surveillance System Defeat Course

Movement Techniques

• Basic Patrolling
• Vehicular Assaults
• Clandestine Movement

Legal Issues Update

Multi-Media Instruction Public Information Officer

Sexual Abuse

Reactive Patrol Tactics

Public Information Officer

Gulf Eagle Academy

Gulf Eagle Academy

Sample Law Enforcement Courses

Sample Law Enforcement Courses